Privacy Policy

Mukti Trust Guarantee limited and its subsidiaries ( hereinafter collectively referred to as “Mukti” “Trust” or “we” “our” or “us”) provide a range of services to our registered and enrolled candidates (hereinafter collectively referred to as “candidates” or “you” or “user”)including accommodation, tutoring and exams.

We are committed to protectall personal information in our custody. This Privacy Policy details the manner in which we shall collect, use and protect the candidates Personal Information provided by themselves or obtained by us in the course of providing our Services to them. Maintaining our service excellence, we shall constantly review and enhance our technical, physical and managerial procedures including rules to protect Personal Information from unauthorized access, accidental loss and / or destruction, and alteration or disclosure.

1. Definitions for the purpose of this Policy:

"Personal Information" means any Personal Information provided by you including but not limited to name, National Identity Card, Passport, address, your image and information obtained by us in the course of providing Services to you including but not limited to transactions with us, contact number, account number, payment history and account activity.

"Third party" means a person or a company who is not a party to a contract or a transaction with Mukti, but excluding, subsidiaries, government, security agencies, judiciary.

"Our Process" means series of actions taken in order to achieve a result. This includes collecting, organizing, adapting, altering, disclosing, sharing, disseminating, aligning, combining, blocking, erasing and destroying personal information.

"Services" means the range of services provided by Mukti.

2. The range of this policy

This policy shall be to detail the privacy policy applicable to all services offered by Mukti and define the way the personal information may be used by us.

3. Principles of personal Information management

3.1. General principles

The principles governing our information processing and management are

3.1.1. Lawfulness, fairness and transparency

We make sure our data collection practices don’t break the law and that we aren’t hiding anything from you.

3.1.2. Purpose limitation

We only collect personal data for a specific purpose, clearly state what that purpose is, and only collect data for as long as necessary to complete that purpose.

3.1.3. Data minimisation

We only process the personal data that we need to achieve its processing purposes.

3.1.4. Accuracy

The accuracy of personal data is integral to data protection. We take “every reasonable step” to erase or rectify data that is inaccurate or incomplete. Subject to and to the extent you have made available to us, the Personal Information and any updates thereto, we shall make reasonable endeavours to maintain complete, current, and accurate information about you. Any inaccurate information that is brought to our attention shall be corrected within a reasonable period of time from the receipt of written notification by you of the same. Procedures will be maintained to ensure that any reported inaccuracies are promptly and effectively handled, and that Personal Information remains as accurate, current and complete as possible. Any requested amendments may be subjected to prevailing and applicable laws and regulation. You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the Personal Information provided to us. Failure to provide the same to us, as required, may result in your application for Services being rejected. All other agreements could be terminated.

3.1.5. Storage limitation

We delete personal data when it’s no longer necessary.

3.1.6. Integrity and confidentiality

Data is processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures.

We shall take all responsible steps to safeguard the confidentiality and security of all Personal Information, including appropriate procedural, organizational and technical steps to protect Personal Information from accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration or disclosure. We do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any unauthorized access or loss of Personal Information that is beyond our control.

4. Specific principles of personal information management

4.1. All Personal Information provided by you shall be used for the intended purposes stated at the time at which it was collected.

4.2. Continued use of the Services shall amount to your consent for the processing of Personal Information by Mukti as per this Policy.

4.3. You have to be above 18 years of age in order to subscribe to any of our Services. If you are not 18 years your parent/guardian may consent for you.

5. Notice Principle

5.1. We may process your Personal Information for the following purposes:

5.1.1. Provisioning of the contracted Services;

5.1.2. Processing your courses, results and managing and administering your account;

5.1.3. Delivering any services, products or information requested by you;

5.1.4. Responding to complaints or account enquiries;

5.1.5. Administering debt recoveries;

5.1.6. Verifying your identity when required (you may misplace your password or security information for example, and we may then need to request for other 'identifiable' information to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access);

5.1.7. Monitor CCTV recordings for surveillance, when you visit and leave our hostel premises and other outlets;

5.1.8. Record calls placed by you to our local care and office centre for the Service enhancements and improvements thereto;

5.1.9. Record and follow your personal attendance record for services and courses.

5.2. Choice and Opt Out

5.2.1. You may be given the opportunity to 'opt-out' of having your Personal Information at Mukti, which are used to provide information about Product and/or Services and third party services and/or products, which may be of interest to or benefit you. If you choose to 'opt-out', we may not be able to provide you with such information.

5.3. Disclosure

5.3.1. Please be informed that we may disclose your Personal Information where necessary, for below mentioned reasons: To any party, in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; To relevant security or law enforcement agencies, provided a valid court order or an authorised legal request is submitted to us, for prevention / detection of crime or prosecution of such offenders; Upon request of the Government institution / agencies / authorities if the request is lawful; To any party for the performance of Muktis contract of providing any Services to candidates; To any party that act as our payment channels, including but not limited to, where applicable to validate your information, as and when required; To any party that acts as our agents or contractors for the purpose of recovering any amount payable to us; In the event that Mukti any division or service undergoes re-organization or are sold to a third party, in which any of your Personal Information we hold may be transferred to the re-organized entity or third-party subject to the principles in this Privacy Policy;

5.4. Access Principle

5.4.1. We shall make available (to the extent possible) to a registered candidate his/her Personal Information in our possession or control within a reasonable time at a reasonable cost.

6. Sensitive Personal Information (SPI)

6.1. We are committed to protect any Sensitive Personal Information under our possession, by exerting necessary safeguards in order to provide you the highest level of service.

7. Mukti Websites and Portal services

7.1. We reserve the right to record anonymous/aggregated information (such as the time, date and URL of the request) of you accessing our websites. This information shall be used by us to improve the visitor experience of our websites and monitor performance of these websites. Such analysis of these anonymous/aggregated information may be conducted by us or our authorised third-party representative.

7.2. You shall be required to provide Mukti with standard information such as your Login ID, Password, and Personal Information for verification purposes when accessing our websites, to make available the Services requested by you. It shall be the sole responsibility of you to maintain the confidentiality of your Login ID and Password.

8. IP Addresses, Cookies and Session Identifiers

8.1 We may use IP addresses, cookies and session identifiers to record details such as a user identity and general registration details on your device(s) to assist us to recognize you on subsequent visits to carry out aforesaid activities. You may disable such recordings of details by configuring the respective internet browser/ client application.

9. Contact Us

9.1. If you have any questions/concerns in relation to this Policy, please contact us at

9.2. Email:

9.3. We continuously strive to address your feedback and concerns in a timely and effective manner. We look forward to your suggestions and valuable inputs.

9.4. We reserve the right to change provisions of this Policy as a whole or in any portion from time to time at its sole discretion with or without notice to the customer.

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