The Future belongs to you if you are prepared.

With Mukti we provide you the opportunity to learn and grow and achieve your career goals for the safety and future of your family.

Which path to pursue, which authority to contact to find a fulfilling career for you and and your family. We will help you through this process. Your career destiny is written by your participation and your effort.


We guide you through the whole process.

We help you acquire language skills

With us you can acquire your German Language Skills from A1-B2 with no hassle. In a proven environment with a trusted official language school.

We guide you through the recognition process

We will guide you all the way through the process. We can assist you with our knowledge and our experienced team..

We will find the matching Placement for you

After passing the Language Examen we will either hire you ourself or find a matching placement for you.

We help you find a job

The purpose of this qualification is to a find job in Europe. We will guide you through the process.

Follow our process. Enroll. Be diligent, patient and focused.

About Us

We work in partnership with organisations around the world to support young graduate from all over Asia seeking jobs outside their country, get the right information and follow the right and lawful method of job seeking abroad. We do this by Establishment, acquisition, maintenance and/or management or support of schools, colleges, training institutes, study centers, Universities and other institutions for imparting education and training to students. Providing technical education programs, medical science programs, Management programs and such other programs in all branches and specialties of the above. We provide job-oriented education, training and work experience programs and such education and training so as to develop self-employment and entrepreneurship. By working with local partners we create opportunities for young and skilled people to better their skills and reach their potential. We achieve this by helping our candidate to get into recognition programs for the German employment market.

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